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Fik Fameica speaks out about bonking Lydia Jazmine and Sheila Gashumba

The romour for quality of time had it that singer Lydia Nabawanuka aka Lydia Jazmine is dating rapper Fik Fameica. It was also alleged that the two were planning to make their relationship official. 

However, the “Bulijita” singer has trashed all claims.

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During an interview with NTV “Mwasuze Mutya,” Fik disclosed that he has never dated Jazmine.

The rapper also revealed that he is seeing someone else. 

“I’m currently seeing someone and there is nothing between me and Lydia Jazmine. I don’t know why the media like matchmaking me with different people,” Fik said. 

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Additionally, he has disclosed that he has also never dated with socialite and former TV presenter Sheilah Carol Gashumba. 

“There has never been anything between me and Sheilah Gashumba,” He added.