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Mixed reactions as Men, Women reveal what easily wins Girls’ hearts (Screenshots)

Women are mysterious people and are hard to understand. This is why the question of “What do women want?” keeps on being asked. 

Some men claim that no one can understand a woman’s wants in a man but in this article, some women are revealing what exactly they want in a man. 

After a question of “But what wins a girl’s heart easily? Love, money, food or cute guy?” was posted on social media by a local Facebook blogger named Matt Tee, women rushed to answer revealing what could win their hearts easily among the four stated options.

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Whereas true love has been preached many times, judging from many of the women’s answers, it looks like money still wins. Many women continue to choose money over love.

Below are some of the answers from different social media users. 

“Why would you even waste your time mentioning food, care, cute guys sijui, simply the answer is MONEY,” Hairamz Shai Khan.

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“Imagine someone saying mbu I love you when you have an empty stomach, without asking oba you are okay but talks and talks as if he is a politician. Amazima loves walks together with money,” Lillian Nantumbwe.

“The only loving thing in your statement is money ebisigade background noise,” Kateregga Julie.

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“There are only three things that win a girl’s heart, one is money, the other two are also money and money,” Kamugisha Johnan. 

Women like Shatrah Abdulshahid however differ from the rest saying she prefers love because money can get over. 

“On my side, its love coz money can get over, the cuteness can fade away but if he loves me that’s all I need,” Shatrah said. 

See screenshots below: