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Home Celebrity Gossip “Single life is good” – Momo 19 boasts after dumping Daxx Kartel

“Single life is good” – Momo 19 boasts after dumping Daxx Kartel

After her five months marriage with singer Sulaiman Ssebunya aka Daxx Kartel ended in tears, BBS TV presenter Momo 19 real name Maureen Naluwooza has boasted.

 Through her socials, Momo 19 has revealed that she is living amazing life without a husband.

“Kati mbu ki? Single life is good,” Momo 19 captioned her photo.

However, seems Momo 19 has been living a stressful life if her recent photo is to go by. Momo looks different, her weight loss is so visible that has left her fans worried. 

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A section of social media users believe that the weight loss was caused by stress incurred after breaking up with the singer. 

“Okkozzeemu bambi, naye kitegeerekeka. Give yourself time to decide. Either to settle your problems with Kartel or to move on. Give your heart a break and a breathe then you decide what’s best for you. I wish you well Momo 19,” one of her royal fan named Valenty Teddy has advised. 

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Another social media user named Haffie Omumbeja wa Kyagulanyi has commented on Momo’s picture and showed her dissatisfaction in her weight loss.

“But the way you are losing weight in single life sibitegela,” Haffie commented.

Bint Hassan also wonders how the TV star has lost weight within just a month. 

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“But nga okoze nnyo, not even a month,” Hassan has written. Momo and Daxx Kartel legalized their bonking in October 2020 in a beautiful Nikkah ceremony however broke up in March 2021.