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HIV+ Female teacher pleads for help 2 yrs struggling to raise her child after losing job over COVID-19

The International Labour Organization estimates that the COVID-19 pandemic left over 114 million people lost their jobs in 2020. 

The situation saw Ugandan professionals working in both public and private sectors crying for help from the Government after their life turned difficult. 

The teachers whose source of income was blocked when the government ordered for the closure of schools are the most suffered profession.  

Since schools are yet to be fully opened, some teachers are still struggling to recover from the lockdown’s impact. Some of the teachers’ situation of living is getting harder to the extent that they can fail to get what to feed on with the families.

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A female teacher who prefers to stay anonymous has cried out for help on social media begging well-wishers to help and offer her a job so as she can be able to get income to cater for her two years old son. 

She has disclosed to singer Bruno Kiggundu aka Bruno K whom she has begged to ask his followers to help her. Teacher ‘Ritah’ not real name narrated that she’s soon getting thrown out of her house after failing to pay rental fees. 

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“I lost my job due to COVID-19, since then I’ve been trying to push with life here and there coz I’ve got a little boy to take care of. He’s only 2yrs but life is getting more complicated for both of us. I was hawking kids’ clothes for survival but due to financial constraints the ka business collapsed badly coz I used to move for long distances looking for clients with my son, he fell sick and spent almost everything on the sickness…” – She cried her misery out. 

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She has begged Bruno’s followers to offer her any job they can. 

“I need to do something I wouldn’t mind if it’s washing or cleaning up for busy people as long as I can be able to do something.” She begged.

Additionally she claims that she desires to go for work in the UAE but she is being limited by her health status. 

“My status can’t allow me coz someone told me that you can’t work if you’re HIV positive” – she stated.