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Nyiragongo volcano erupts, lava flowing to Goma city (Photos & Videos)

Tension in the Democratic Republic of Congo after famous Mount Nyiragongo erupted on Saturday leaving nearby residents in total panic.

The Volcano mount is flowing the lava to the city of Goma and most of the residents are reportedly rushing to flee the city. However, DRC based Volcanologist Dario Tedesco said that Goma city did not appear to be in danger.

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According to sources, the lava appears to flow to the east in the direction of the Rwandan border. It’s still doubtful whether Goma city can survive the fast flowing lava.

Mount Nyiragongo erupts

The volcano is found in the eastern DR Congo just 10 km from Goma city.

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Mount Nyiragongo in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo just 10 km from Goma city. Nyiragongo volcano is one of the world’s most active volcanoes.

Nyiragongo last erupted in 2002, killing 250 people and making 120,000 people homeless after lava flowed into Goma.

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Watch videos below:

Check out photos of the erupted Mount Nyiragongo: