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How to catch a cheating wife

Do you have that nagging feeling that your wife or girlfriend might be cheating on you? Then this write up is for you. Read till the end. 

You might have your suspicions because she’s working overtime a lot more now or if she’s spending more time away from you or maybe she’s suddenly pursuing all those new hobbies and meeting new people or maybe she’s dressing up Extra sexy now when she goes out without you or maybe she’s not giving you as much s3x as you deserve or like she used to.

If her behavior is making you uneasy, then you are not alone. In the trap you’re in right now, many, many other husbands find themselves in the same trap. They suspect their wives are cheating on them and these are reasonable suspicions but they have absolutely no way to find out, barring some expensive or illegal means. But you know what? Luckily for you, you don’t need to go down that route just to find out the truth. You’ll soon learn how to catch a cheating wife and most importantly, how to handle the situation and come out tops in the end. 

Specifically in this article, I’ll show you the 2 WRONG ways to try to catch a cheating wife and the 1 RIGHT way . It’s important to know the wrong ways first because these are usually the FIRST menthods that come to your mind but once you use them, you seal your fate. You either get manipulated or she leaves you. 

So, by reading this article , you’ll find out whether or not your wife is really cheating on you. How does that sound by the way?

Now let’s start with the 2 WRONG way on how to catch a cheating wife.

1) The 1st wrong way is not do anything about it. 

Most husbands do nothing about there wives cheating habits. Basically, the husband doesn’t mention it and instead he just works harder to make his wife Happy. He thinks that if he simply makes his wife Happy enough, she’ll then never cheat on him which unfortunately is not true. 

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“Just making her happy” doesn’t work for 2 reasons:

A) First, women are hard wired by mother nature to feel attracted to dominant men. If you keep trying to make her happy, you make yourself look weaker and less dominant and therefore less attractive. 

B) Secondly, it doesn’t work because you’re basically encouraging her bad behavior. If she really is cheating, then she gets what she wants from the other guy and then she comes home to you a subservient, dormant weaker stupid nonsense husband. 

So if you suspect your wife is cheating on you, ” not doing anything” or ” just making her happy” won’t solve the Problem. Infact, it just makes the Problem worse. 

2) The second WRONG way to catch a cheating wife is to CONFRONT her about it without concrete real EVIDENCE. 

This is wrong because it puts you at a disadvantage. First of all, she can lie to protect her reputation and since you have Zero evidence at this point, she will lie because lying leads to the best possible outcome for her. 

And secondly, she can use your “toxic jealousy” as an excuse to leave you and presumably settle down with the so called man who trusts her that she has been cheating with. So, unless you have solid evidence of her indiscretions, confronting her is a BAD idea. 

So, let’s do a quick recap. 

If you are planning to stop her cheating habits by appeasing her or confronting her, Don’t. This is because you will trap yourself in a losing situation. 


Well, this is where things get fun. Am about to show you the RIGHT way to catch a cheating wife. What you decide to do after this is up to you and I shouldn’t be hold responsible. (DISCLAIMER)

This way involves something you’ve probably never even considered, something I learned from my Psychology classes “MIND CONTROL”. 

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Yes! That’s right. Mind control is a full proof way to find out whether or not your wife is cheating on you. 

This method was taught to me by one of my professors in psychology when i was still at campus.

Mind control in Relationships is not the kind of mind control you see in films, instead, it’s the kind of mind control that doctors, police interrogators, advertisers and even con men use. 

It’s Mind Control that exposes the TRUTH.  And that’s all that matters at this point. It’s completely legal and it’s absolutely free making it your Perfect weapon for finding out if your wife is really cheating on you. 

Now, let me tell you how to catch a cheating wife using mind control.  The technique you are about to learn is called the “TRUTH TRIAD”. 

The truth triad is a series of statements that provokes specific reactions from a guilty party. 

As the name implies, the ‘Truth triad’ involves 3 steps. Here is how you use the truth triad to “extract the truth” from your wife;

Let’s say your wife said she had to stay at the office overnight working with her co-workers on an important presentation due the next morning. The next morning she comes back home. That’s when you put phase 1 of the Truth Triad into action. Here, you simply ask;

Qn1. ” So, care to tell me about last night?”

If she’s innocent, or if she’s a good liar, she’ll tell you with a straight face about how hard they worked last night. But if you catch her off guard, she might give you a defensive reply such as; “Why? What do you think happened last night?”. If she gives a similar answer or tries to avoid the question, then you have reason to believe she’s hiding something. Either way, you then move on to phase 2 of the TRUTH TRIAD. This time you tell her a sad story of a friend of yours, you can say;

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“Forced overtime always reminds me of my friend Joseph. His wife was kept working overtime every Saturday night. Turns out she had been cheating with her boss every weekend. Joseph found out of course, and now they’ve broken up”.

Again, if she’s innocent or a good liar, she might ask for more details about “Joseph and his wife”. But if she’s cheating on you, she’ll either react with silence, nervousness, or another defensive answer like “what are you implying?”. 

Either way, you need to move on phase 3 and that’s when you make a statement about cheating and how much you hate it. For example, you can say, “crazy huuh!”. It’s crazy how people can cheat behind your back and expect their partners to never ever find out out it”. 

If she’s completely innocent, then she’ll innocently agree with your statement and even engage you in conversation. But even an experienced liar will crumble after a 3 hit combination like the Truth Triad. 

If your wife is cheating on you, the truth triad will make her think you know about her misdeeds but she can’t be totally sure. She’ll go crazy with anxiety and her erratic behavor will tell you your suspicions are correct. She might even confess right then and there. She might tell you: “it’ll never happen again, I promise!”. 

Have you seen how the truth triad works? That’s how to catch a cheating wife or confirm her innocence without having to spend any money or do anything illegal like beating the hell out of her to confirm your suspicions. 

So, how do you like that gentlemen? You’ve just gotten a taste of the power of Mind Control. All you need are the right words spoken at the right time and place and you can make a woman think and feel anything you want. 

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