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“I’m no beauty goddess, I’m just beautiful” – Grace Khan blasts toxic fans

Since Friday, May 14, 2021, singer Grace Khan’s portraits have been viral on social media and they have left her fans divided with mixed reactions.

Grace’s haters attacked her claiming that she looks too old and ugly in her new makeup look.

“Now make up munywa munywe?” One critic said. 

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Another social media user criticised and said that “you are so proud to post and advertise the makeup artist kili Uganda mama Nyabo.” 

Grace Khan

However, the singer trashed critics reminding them that she is beautiful and unapologetic about it.  Grace added that she didn’t join the music industry to look beautiful for people but to be herself. 

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“I’m no beauty goddess, I’m just beautiful me and remember if you are confident, you are beautiful. Thank you God for everyone who is actually shouting for me. And just to remind you, sajja mukuyimba kubalunjiyila…it’s simply my future, for my grandmother…Not you who think your Beautiful.” The singer fumed. 

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Grace Khan has also thanked her fans for loving her unconditionally.

“Thank you my great fans who like me the way I am. Gwe sisanyusa ononsonyiwa I love being me. Not what you want me to be.” She has said.