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PHOTOS: Meet the man who bonks Sasha Ferguson behind Canary Mugume’s Back

NBS TV presenter canary Mugume may have legalized his bonking sessions with long time girlfriend Sasha Ferguson, but it appears it’s not all rosy with the woman. The sassy Ferguson seems to have many skeletons in her closet.

The former media personality has been rumored to be cheating on canary and it has finally blown out of proportion. This is after a woman to a man she used to sleep with has come out to haunt her and accuse her of sleeping with her man countless times in Tanzania way back in 2018.

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The woman by the names of Chloe claims Sasha went to bed with her white boyfriend only identified as Jim in 2018 in Tanzania. The man, Jim was a cab driver who owned a lavish mansion with a swimming pool and Chloe has brought out all the evidence including Sasha’s chats with Jim, photos and voice clips.

Jim – inserted Photo is Jim with Sasha

The furious Chloe says Sasha was on errands in Tanzania where she met Jim and that he used to drive Sasha to his apartment at bight where they would spend the night rolling between the sheets.

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Throughout this time, Sasha was already dating canary and she was always all over social media positing about canary and showering him with praises of love, When Chloe found out about Sasha after she found her number in Jim’s phone, Sasha had denied being in any affair with Jim.

Jim – allegedly chews Sasha

However she claimed that Jim was just a friend who she would visit for swimming sessions.  Chloe however insisted on the issuer and grilled the husband who revealed all the sex escapades he had had with the Ugandan beauty.

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“When I called sasha she told me that she was not sleeping with my man but only used to come around his home because they were friends and that he had a swimming pool, but when I talked to Jim he told me the full truth of what had happened and why Sasha was lying to me”– the wife revealed.

Here is the proof:

Mugume’s wife having dinner at Jim’s house
Same table mats