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“Bonking doesn’t guarantee marriage” – Canary Mugume’s wife Sasha speaks to babes in relationship

Canary Mugume proposed to Sasha last week after 9 years of dating.

After revealing that she dated journalist Canary Mugume for over eight years before getting engaged to him, former WBS TV presenter Sasha Ferguson has been received overwhelming questions from youths begging her to give them relationship advices. 

Sasha has advised the youth in relationships not to give in to their loved ones with expectations that they will marry them. She believes that bonking day and night doesn’t guarantee marriage.

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Sasha revealed the good advise responding to a fan who asked if it is okay not to have sex with her boyfriend till marriage. 

“I’m not expert in this line but I suggest you pray and also make effort to purify your relationship so that you and your partner can spiritually legally enjoy the fun in it. Otherwise having or not having sex can’t guarantee a marriage,” Sasha has advised. 

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When asked how she managed to keep a handsome and popular man like Canary for that long, Sasha attributed her relationship to prayers. 

“A man can’t be kept if he doesn’t want to be kept so it’s not my powers. I can only be the best I can be and also for a man like mine who knew what he wanted right from the beginning. I think that made it easier and of course being grounded in christ because that’s the foundation of our relationship.” She narrated. 

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The Beautiful lady also revealed that being Canary’s fiance is a beautiful feeling.