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Cindy defies getting pregnant for her husband prince Joel

I won't give my husband a baby before he visits my parents - Cindy

Last week, dance hall Queen Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy celebrated five years relationship anniversary with her fiance Okuyo Joel Atiku Prince in a romance themed celebration. 

However, for all the five years they have been together, the couple has no children together. 

Cindy revealed she will only get pregnant for the filmmaker after he visits her family in a traditional first visit known as “Kukyala”

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“I will give birth but the guy has at least to first visit my parents. And he will, he has to.” She said during an interview with Boom.ug. 

The singer added that she doesn’t care about an expensive ceremony but her boyfriend has to first visit her parents’ home for her to think of getting pregnant.

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“Kukyala is small, it is not like Kwanjula that it is expensive.” She said. 

Cindy also is positive that her man will not leave her because of lack of a child in their relationship. These statements however treated Cindy’s fans to a surprise since reports had earlier revealed that she was pregnant for her new man.

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