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Daina Nabatanzi rubbishes talk of detoothing tycoon Lwasa

Lwasa Emmanuel claimed that Diana detoothed him of his riches and failed to satisfy his s3xual needs

BBS TV presenter and ‘Yolesa Ekitone’ judge Diana Nabatanzi has come to rubbish claims made by Masaka based moneybags Emmanuel Lwasa, accusing her of gold digging him and refusing to give him children.

A month ago, motor-mouthed City tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel claimed that Diana detoothed him of his riches and failed to satisfy his s3xual needs, a reason he opted to introduce another woman instead. 

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Lwasa alleged that he gifted the TV presenter with a car, house and highly expensive business while they were dating, saving her from poverty in the process. Despite this, he says Nabatanzi refused to accept him as her lover and even failed to introduce him to her parents.

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Diana’s ex-lover Lwasa

However, according to Nabatanzi’s social media activity while celebrating yet another birthday, she has worked hard for everything that she has. She claims that she is a young CEO and a self made entrepreneur who has earned everything from her hard work, insisting her good fortune should not be interpreted as a result of vending thighs. 

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“Happy birthday to me….I have every reason to celebrate. Thank me for being hard working, a hustler, go getter, dream chaser, achiever, entrepreneur,  self made, young CEO of Tanzi Empire, Tanzi collection, founder of Tanzi foundation & more…..Thanking me for working for everything I have in life. It’s my day……” Nabatanzi wrote.