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List of men that have bonked Mama Fiina

The leader of traditional herbalist Sophia Namutebi aka Maama Fiina is a woman that is so well endowed. She is a woman that despite all the tragedy that has befallen her love life, she somehow finds the next lover. She seems to never run short of suitors and is always a woman in love.

As we write this, the celebrated herbalist has ushered in her new lover who is believed to be the 15th man to swim in Mama Fiina’s sumbie. Her new man has officially been unveiled replacing Hajji Ismail Sseggujja whom she had tied the knot with early this year at Kololo Jamia Mosque.

The new man in Mama Fiina’s life is Kimera Tebandeke who is reportedly staying in Europe. 

Aside from those mentioned above, Mama Fiina has served it hot to several men and the list seems to be endless, Below is a list of the known ones;


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Is the military man who was gunned down on November 26, 2016 at Masanafu, a Kampala suburb. This high profile murder paralyzed the entire nation and Mama Fiina was left frustrated and heartbroken. However, after just a year, she had already moved on to the next beneficiary.


Just before mama Fiina tied the knot with  Hajj Ssegujja, it was reported that she was seeing a one Kiyimba Abdul who is the Chairperson of NRM in Wakiso. there had also been reports that the pair were planning to legalese their bonking just before the plans were discarded as the herbalist moved on to the next client.

 Ismail Ssekidde

Mama Fiina and Ssekidde tied the knot in 2013, and it was reported that Mama Fiina had actually converted from Christianity to Islam. Ssekidde is the man that stuck by her side during difficult times after her dirty video with Peng Peng leaked and dragged Red Pepper to court, accusing them of invasion of privacy and defamation of the celebrated herbalist. he would later use this opportunity to eat her tubeless.

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 Ali Kyonjo

Mama Fiina’s eldest son Rashid Kyonjo is a product of her first relationship. The pair had a short lived marriage before they went separate ways.

Peng Peng

A Ugandan-Sweden based blogger last year confessed that he shared sweer moment with Mama Fiina and provided proof that was close to sufficient. Despite the fact that Mama Fiina highly disputed this, the rumour is out there to be believed or doubted. We can nevertheless add peng to the list.

 Livingstone Kiggo Bukye

He is also one those that passed on that was rumored to be sleeping with Mama Fiina years back in his Bweyogerere residence.

Kitimbo Kawuulu Kagezi

It’s alleged that Kitimbo was Mama Fiina’s secret lover who introduced her to traditional ‘herbalism’. Currently still practicing his herbal medicine in Seeta Mukono, Kitimbo and Mama Fiina seem to have failed to work things out before they parted.

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 Salongo Ben Gulu

Salongo Ben Gulu (deceased) is believed to be the man behind Mama Fiina’s success in her quest to be the leader of the traditional herbalists in Uganda. He heavily campaigned for her and he was richly rewarded for his pains with a romp.

Kagwa Sebanakitta

The two shared a hugely romantic time together, characterised by serious romps and outings., Mama Fiina chose Sebanakitta as her Vice president, to possibly reward him for being hot in bed.

 Musangi Kyabaggu

Musangi passed on recently. He was according to sources in a discreet relationship with Mama Fiina that was hugely under wraps. he also served as Mama Fiina’s secretary under the herbalists association.


Rumors have it that Brown first had an intimate relationship with Mama Fiina, before marrying her daughter Sarafina Ali Muhammad alias Fiina. It can simply be said that Brown is one of the few lucky ones that feast on mother and daughter.