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“Mbunaaza” – NBS TV’s Zahara Totto offers her waterlogged sumbie to ‘Muwunya’ boys

Zahara Vows to chew one of the the "Muwuunya" boys

On 26th April, a video in which legendary artiste Alex Mukulu was bullying four young dancers who had come to perform at the “Yolesa Ekitone” talent search competitions broke on the internet. Mukulu’s actions led to widespread condemnation and sparked pity for the boys. 

The veteran playwright had accused the young men of smelling on stage, saying this made their performance as unpleasant as their odour. 

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The Real Dance Crew aka Muwunya boys enjoying their dream life

It is against that background that people like Bruno K, Lydia Jazmine, Faridah Nakazibwe among others came out to extend their help to Mukulu’s victims, vowing to help them realise their dreams.

The boys have been offered massage, steaming services, haircuts and deodorants to keep them on point. Indeed the change in their looks after the services is so visible and outstanding that media personality Zahara Totto has joked that she has started falling for one of the young boys.

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Through her Snapchat, Zahara said that “tuja bunaza tubulye” which is translated as “we shall bathe and chew them”.

Zahara is known for being so kind to men and not being stingy with her thighs. It remains to be seen whether she will actually eat them since they don’t have some fat wallets that she prefers.

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