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Leaked photos of Daddy Andre’s new bae leave men tongues wagging

This is what Daddy Andre's alleged bae gat for you.

It is now a Commons secret that popular singer and producer Andrew Ojambo and his fiance Nina Kankunda alias Nina Roz are reportedly paid cash for a PR stunt which alleged the producer dumped Nina for UK-based curvy bae Shakira.

The sassy city babe is a bombshell of ethereal beauty who is not shy to showcase her flesh since she is all curvy and brown. Mouthwatering photos that our Boom.ug snoops have bumped into have left the internet an entirely different place, as men yearn to have a piece of her ethereal flesh.

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The eccentric photoshoot has already set tongues wagging, with many exclaiming that Daddy Andre, being a man of taste could not resist the urge of getting between Shakira’s thighs.

Here serve your eyes;