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Theories on why Kabaka Mutebi can’t travel abroad for treatment emerge

Kabaka allegedly sick but he can't be taken abroad for treatment.

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi is not a man in good health, if the recent developments are anything to go by. As he celebrated his 66th birthday, many Buganda subject were taken aback and left in shock by his appalling Heath condition, with many questioning why the monarch should be brought in the public in such a bad state.

His health led to several speculations as some claimed that the king was not being given the requisite medical attention that his condition deserves, whereas others claimed he was poisoned by the state.

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This prompted the kingdom’s premier Charles Peter Mayiga to come out to dispel the rumors and to reveals that the Kabaka was being affected by an allergic reaction.

“I would like to inform Buganda and the nation at large that the King of Buganda Mutebi is in good health and he is doing all his responsibilities as the King. He is only disturbed by a simple allergy. There is a clear discernible plot by those enemies of Buganda to use this opportunity by creating rifts among the people of Buganda” – Mayiga opened up.

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However, some theories which are yet to be conformed have come up and revealed how the Kabaka cannot travel outside Uganda for medical attention since his passport has not been renewed on the orders of the state. This is according to motor mouthed blogger Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye who also made an extraordinary claim that this is being done to slowly kill the Kabaka since he is a Muganda and possibly not a supporter of the sitting Ugandan president.

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“Kabaka’s passport was not renewed on orders of Museveni who poisoned him using Katikkiro and now want him dead. So he has no way of going abroad to have advanced tests and treatment.  They know when he travels to the UK for tests, Doctors will reveal the truth” – Kajjubi opened up during his recent Facebook live.

The claims could not be independently verified and the kingdom or the government are yet to respond to the claims.