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“You betrayed me and cheated” – Daxx Kartel breaks silence on his split with Momo 19, leaks her dirty secrets (AUDIO)

Daxx exposes a woman accusing her of cheating on him while at work.

Throughout recent weeks, singer Sulaiman Ssebunya alias Daxx Kartel and his wife Mariam Naluwooza, also popularly known as Momo 19 have been reported not seeing each other eye to eye after a bitter conflict.

It’s rumoured that Momo 19 and her husband got a missunderstanding immediately after legalizing their relationship in December last year.

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However, as Momo 19 keeps trashing break-up allegations, her husband has added salt in the wound after his latest song dubbed “Wagaba Enswa Zange.” In English, “Wagaba Eswa Zange” means “You gave out my Ants”, an assertion netizens have deciphered as a reaction to the couple’s split allegations.

In the new tune going viral online, Daxx exposes a woman he named Nantale accusing her of cheating on him while at work.

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“Nantale you embarrassed me, for what reason did you give out my ants, me having a night radio job doesn’t imply that you give out my ants. Each and every individual who needs, Nantale gives out my ants, where would i be able to report Nantale” – part of song lyrics.

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Listen here:

The couple is yet to come out to officially address the romours.

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