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VIDEO: MUBS students caught live on camera b0nking tubeless during Zoom class

It all started as a zoom class for a section of students at the Nakawa based Makerere University Business School (MUBS) but later ended as a p- 0rn movie after two students suddenly got into their small hostel bed and started chewing each other tubeless. 

In the video, a babe is seen getting a bottle containing oil, she pours some of it on her hands and smears on the guy’s cassava to make it sweeter for her. The hony guy later turned on top of her sweet babe, covered themselves with a blanket, and served themselves a delicious meal. 

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A few seconds later, the blanket is pushed aside and the wanting babe gets the oil again, repeats the process of smearing it on hardened boyfriend’s cassava, and started massaging it. 

The boyfriend could not wait to thump her babe’s waters, he had to go back on top of him and chewed her to pulp leaving other students in the Zoom class salivating. 

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Watch video below;