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Kabaka Mutebi’s sister LEAK shocking secrets about how King was poison and denied access to hospital

An audio of a woman identified as Princess Sarah Ndagire claiming to be a sister to the King of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has leaked shocking audio in which she is alleging that the King was poisoned by the state with the help of Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga. 

“Abaganda mbakowoola buli omu waali, mwogele, mwogele Kabaka wa Buganda atwalibwe mu first world hospitals ajanjabibwe. Mulude nekintu kino okumala emyaka ebiri, okuva lwebatandika otugamba emyaka jiweze ebiri. Mayiga obade mukintu kino, simanyi katandika okutambula nga kalaga omulangira omuto. Mayiga byotesetese, byokoze olunaku olwalero bimaze abaganda okukyaawa, n’oluganda mwewazalibwa, n’abaana bewazaala, nebazukuru bo, nemikwano gyo, nabuli akusembelede,” Ndagire laments 

Ndagire says that reliable sources from the palace give her confidential information about the King’s health and Mayiga’s motives to end the King’s life.

“People know us, they come and give us information from inside, and the information sometimes annoys you to a point that you have to speak up as I have done now. King of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II celebrated his 66th birthday and Prime minister Peter Mayiga gave him a coffin cake, he cut and served a coffin on his birthday meaning that the King himself is the one being used to perform a ritual that is going to kill and finish us. We have been informed that there are witch doctors who have come from West Africa for this matter to see how Baganda can be bewitched and killed without them doing anything. You can’t believe the voodoo that is Uganda and Buganda. Archbishop just died, and you shouldn’t accept that he just died a normal death. What they don’t know is that many people have studied medicine but Museveni stood in Bunyoro and said that he was going to kill everyone who comes against them and Kyagulanyi’s group,” She explains.

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Furthermore, the princess says that president Museveni is working hard to kill the Kabaka. She referred her statement to Museveni’s remark about killing all Baganda who will go against him. She warns both Mayiga and Museveni saying that if the King dies, their lives won’t remain the same.

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“If Kabaka dies, Museveni and Peter Mayiga, you’ll be hated in the whole world. You won’t get where to drink water,” she exclaimed. 

Accordingly, Ndagire says that the recent Prince who died Arnold Simbwa was intentionally murdered on Museveni’s orders.

“The prince who just died was murdered. I won’t accept what Mayiga said about having death. He was killed by men from Western uganda. He was beaten and he reached in the hospital while unconscious. While he was recovering, they got people who finished him. Those men said to be Banyankore whom I think were Rwandans dumped him in the hospital Nsambya. They didn’t want him to die in their hands, they left him there thinking that he was dead, they later heard that he was improving,” Princess reveals.

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Ndagire has called upon all Baganda to use their social media platforms and demand that their King be transferred to a better hospital outside Africa.

“All Baganda you should write on Twitter, Facebook and ask that the King be transferred from Nairobi because they will kill him from there. You demand that he gets transferred to Britain, America or Japan, or South Korea where they are experts in treating poison. He should be taken to first world countries’ hospitals.”  Ndagire said.

Listen to the leaked audio below; (Please, turn your VPN on to access facebook to listen to the full audio)