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AUDIO: Kabaka knows he is being killed by people next to him, here are the words many took for granted

King of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has for months been rumoured of being ill with claims by many that he was poisoned. 

The rumors further demonstrate that the prime minister for Buganda Peter Mayiga is behind all master plans.

In the video recorded by Facebook blogger Fred Lumbuye who has continuously warned Baganda about their King’s poor health said that Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga is working with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to kill high profile Baganda and weaken the kingdom to give Museveni more powers and control over Baganda. 

These statements came following the death of Archibishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga who Lumbuye believes was also murdered on Museveni’s orders just as other high profile people like Shiekh Nuhu Muzaata and Dr Anas Kalisa. Lumbuye said that Mayiga worked with the state to end Lwanga’s life warning that he is soon finishing the King too. 

“If the King doesn’t force Mayiga out of Mengo, he is the next on the death list” Lumbuye warned as he did to Bishop Lwanga before he died.

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Fred alleges that Museveni’s intention is to silence all church leaders and Buganda Kingdom who are his enemies. He accompanied his statements with a video in which Museveni was swearing to kill every Muganda who goes against him.

“We shall crush those enemies as we have done in the past. You preach your nonsense, we shall answer you by word. Baganda are enemies to Uganda and African as a whole but we shall crush them. They keep saying us the Baganda, the Kabaka…..” Museveni stated in the video which was recorded during his visit to Bunyoro. 

It shall be noted that the King occasionally came out to speak about the injustices that were happening in the country as well as warning those against the Buganda Kingdom. He has continuously warned his subjects against people who wish bad for their Kingdom.

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“Be aware of those that come out to say that they care much for Buganda than others. They want to paint a picture that they are the ones strengthening Buganda’s foundation. They want to weaken the kingdom and destroy it. There is no country you can confuse all the time, time comes and people’s eyes open” The King stated. 

Relating on Kabaka’s words, seems he has a clue of what could be happening to him and his sickness could not be a shock to him given the fact that he has a dangerous enemy who already sourounded him.  

With all the illness rumours, Mayiga came out and confessed that the King was healthy and not in the hospital. He trashed the rumours and asked people not to give them attention. 

However, based on a video recorded yesterday during the King’s 66th birthday celebrations, it is evident that he has been ill for a while but Mayiga decided to keep mute about it in public. 

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The video has created emotional feelings in the King’s subjects who are asking why he hasn’t been flown to countries with better health facilities instead of Nairobi Kenya. 

Blame has been put on Mayiga who seems to be having his personal motives of ending the King’s life prematurely by not taking him for proper medical attention. 

People like singer Moses Ssali aka BebeCool have questioned Mayiga. The singer is concerned about the King’s public appearance yesterday. He says Mayiga had no reason to let their King appear unhealthy in public hence asking what his (Mayiga)motive is. 

Mayiga is also being roasted by Baganda for ordering for a coffin like cake to be cut by the King for his birthday celebrations. They claim it is an indicator that something is being planned.

Listen to kabaka’s words many took for granted here;