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Man who baked Kabaka Mutebi’s coffin cake speaks out, reveals real truth behind its shape

In art, designs and colors always make a statement and communicate without any word being uttered. The same happened yesterday when King of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II was celebrating his 66th birthday where a cake brought to be cut and shared on his day shocked his subjects. 

Large numbers of the King’s subjects are worried that the King’s cake resembled a final resting place.

“Yii cake elinga casket happy birthday king” Tinah Omumbeja Omukiga, a social media user remarked. 

Another one named Star mum chipped in and said that “it looks like a coffin”. 

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Such comments are flooding comments sections of posts on social media where the pictures of the cake have been posted. The subjects believe the cake was made in a coffin like shape for a reason.

“Uhhmmm who made that cake whoever made it ayagaliza Kabaka muntana, there are so many designs, of all why of this casket…..” Nansubuga Mariah Kea said in a social media comment. 

Twinamatsiko Symon, is another social media user whose thoughts don’t differ much from Nansubuga’s.

“Of all shapes they chose that? Maybe they want him dead?” He asked.

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The comments have forced Kenneth Nsibabi, the man who made the cake to come out and defend himself claiming that he was given orders to follow in regards to the color and shape of the cake by the royals. 

“Hello! Friends. Would like to make some point clear here about the Kabaka’s birthday cake. It’s not the baker that decides on the color and shape of the Kabaka’s birthday cake but the Royal family does and this time around, that the shape and color that was preferred. Sorry for all those those have been negatively affected. Long live the Kabaka of Buganda.” Nsibambi defended himself. 

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However the explanation has not earned him kindness as he wished for but more insults being accused of being a poor service provider who failed to advise the royals on their choice of shape and color.

“Okay the Royal family gave you the concept as you claim, given the King’s health situation, couldn’t you offer technical advise and recommend a design with a hidden message. Eno ensi tebemazabu ffena lye Kubo” Kabaka’s subject named Olivia Nambi Kintu asked.