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President Museveni, Katikiro Peter Mayiga, Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu accused of behind Cyprian Kizito Lwanga’s death, shocking video exposing their dirty master plan surface on the internet

On April 3, 2021 Uganda froze after citizens learnt about the death of Archibishop of Kampala Archdiocese His Grace Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. It was reported by the Catholic church that the archbishop was found dead in his house on Saturday.

His sudden death came just hours after he was seen in a very healthy condition while leading the way of the cross event that took place on Good Friday. 

Lwanga’s death has called for many questions some of which haven’t found answers where concerned Ugandans are asking for the Archibishop’s real cause of death.

It has been alleged that Kizito Lwanga was poisoned by his close servants on orders of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni after he failed to take their poison to Kyadondo East outgoing legislator also former presidential candidate Robert Kyaguranyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine. 

According to the video going viral online, blogger Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi, who weeks ago warned the archibishop telling him to be careful otherwise he could get killed, Katikiro Peter Mayiga and Archibishop Steven Kaziimba, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Janet Kataha Museveni, Yoweri Museveni, Maama Fiina among other people were behind Lwanga’s death. 

Lumbuye alleges that, On April 1, a meeting was held in Mbuya Barracks lead by Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Peter Lokech who discussed tricks and ways of how to murder Archibishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. In the meeting, the team decided they should get people who would help them accomplish their mission and among them were Prime Minister for Buganda Kingdom Peter Mayiga and Archibishop Steven Kaziimba Mugalu.

Mugalu and Mayiga were later informed and taken to Statehouse to meet with President Museveni and his wife Janet Kataha in another meeting where ways of finishing the man of God were devised. The meeting allegedly attended by President Museveni, Janet Kataha, Peter Mayiga, Steven Kaziimba, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Peter Lokech and Abel Kandiho Who all agreed that Lwanga should be killed by poisoning. 

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Lumbuye alleges further that Mayiga and Mugalu got people close to Lwanga who later gave him poison on Friday at 4pm and he breathed his last on Saturday at 11:30pm.

“They agreed that Mayiga and Kazimba get people close to Lwanga to give him poison. They got the people, Catholic church you should know that it is Museveni who killed Lwanga using his servants in church who were close to him.  On 2nd after the way to the cross, at 4pm, the boys gave Lwanga poison and called their immediate bosses and informed them that they had finished their job of giving Lwanga poison. All security agencies were informed to prepare for the news they wanted to hear. At exactly 11:30pm on April 3, the boys informed Museveni, Mayiga, Kaziimba, Janet that their job of finishing Lwanga was done. Museveni tasked security forces to deploy immediately to avoid any uprisings,” Lumbuye alleges. 

Lumbuye narrates further that the night Lwanga died, Museveni ordered the Special Forces Command (SFC) to drive the Lwanga’s body to his home in Kisozi where rituals were performed on it by witch doctors Maama Fina inclusive. He says that two witch doctors were from Congo, the other two from Tanzania, One from Senegal with Maama Fiina being the sixth one. 

“The body was taken by security operatives on Saturday night to Kisozi. They performed rituals on the body when Museveni was watching. They bewitched the body to erase the religion it has been consuming for 60+ years so that Lwanga’s spirit doesn’t come back to haunt them. Sunday morning, it was driven back to an unknown destination,” Lumbuye says.

He adds that security personnel clad in plain clothes were ordered to surround Lubaga cathedral and Lwanga’s home where his family members were expected to cause chaos. Some of them are claimed for having been kidnapped on Museveni’s orders. 

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Lumbuye says that Museveni ordered the killing of Dr Kizito Lwanga and other high profile Baganda because they threaten him. He adds that he has planted spies in churches where some of them are being supervised by Peter Mayiga. 

“Remember three months ago i made a video telling you about a plan to crush the Catholic church with their first priority being Cyprian Lwanga with an intention of killing him because they had given Mayiga a responsibility of planting spies on the church who were going to work as nuns and fathers. Peter Mayiga went to the State house in a meeting to plan on finishing Lwanga at 9am, he left Entebbe at 11am. They also agreed to finish all NUP Supporters, and all those disagreeing with Museveni. People who are going to kill them have already been sent and given ways on how to do it,” Lumbuye States. 

The blogger explains different tactics Museveni uses to murder his enemies.

“Museveni is conducting a scientific genocide whereby he uses killing tactics like using poison and lying that the people died of Cardiac Arrest or COVID-19, Accidents or detaining and killing them from prisons”.

He narrates that state agents poison people during functions where they put poison on microphones after learning that their targeted individuals are to use those microphones. 

“There are functions organiSed where state plants its people who give poison to the targeted individuals, they inquire from the organisers and owners of the functions on which people will be attending, if they find their targeted person is among and will be giving a speech, they put poison on the microphone, they get other people that used the microphone and give them an antidote for the poison but leave you out to die. They are even going to start this in parliament. A Munyankore lady who was working in parliament canteen died weeks ago, it is suspected that that lady either refused to do a mission she was tasked with or she linked information to people who they wanted her to kill through poison. She died of kidney failure, her family was stopped from taking their daughter to hospitals outside Uganda till when she died. Sanitizers sprayed on microphones after people talking, and hands. That’s not sanitizer that’s poison,” Lumbuye alleges. 

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He mentions names of Museveni’s targeted individuals who are next on the death list.

“Bobi Wine, Betty Nambooze, Erias Lukwago, Latif Sebagala, Ssemuju Nganda, GEN. Katumba Wamala and Nambesha ……,” Lumbuye lists the names. 

Accordingly, he has warned people including Shiekh Ndiragwa who retired days ago saying that he must be poisoned already. 

“Shiekh Ndiragwa may be poisoned already, so you go for a check-up. Information says that they gave you poison a long time ago because you know many missions that have been ongoing at Kibuli and the way people have been dying. After giving you poison, they plant someone to monitor if the poison is working on you.” Lumbuye warns. 

Lumbuye has accompanied his video with video clips of Museveni promising to kill all National Unity Platform (NUP) Supporters and Baganda who he claims are enemies to Uganda and Africa as a whole. The video has since gone viral on different social media platforms. 

The blogger has been warning different individuals via his social media platforms some of which have died already. He claims that the sudden deaths of Shiekh Nuhu Muzaata, Dr Anas Kaliisa among other high profile people were not natural death but state sponsored deaths. 

Watch full video below;