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“How can I get rid of it?” – Sheila Gashumba breaks down as God’s Plan tattoo turns daily nightmare after breakup

Love is weird and controversial. There are those things that we do when in love under the illusion that it will last forever. We later painfully realise that it was all a dream. Sheila Gashumba can attest to that.

The self-proclaimed Lil Stunner is currently one of the known women nursing broken hearts after her breakup with long time boyfriend Marcus Ali Lwanga alias God’s Plan.

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On Monday, God’s Plan took to social media to post a video swapping Saliva with a beautiful babe who is believed to be the replacement to Sheila Gashumba.

Sheila jokingly retaliated by asking for recommendations on how to erase a tattoo.  However, seems she should add her efforts to erase the “God’s Plan” tattoo on her back that she had put when life between the two was still rosy.

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She captioned a photo of the tattoo on twitter as she asked,

“Can one erase a tattoo? Any recommendations?”

Many were quick to dismiss her question reminding her that she acted so fast to get a permanent tattoo for a boyfriend who would dump her anytime.

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