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“Young Shakib is lucky to chew my ‘sumbie’,” Zari Hassan brags about her new hubby

South African Ugandan based socialite Zarinah Ttale also known as Zari Hassan has no kind words for haters as she is enjoying her life with her young boyfriend.

Ever since Zari broke up with her late husband the father of her elder children Ivan Ssemwanga, she has been dating much younger boys.

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At first, she fell in love with Bongo star Diamond Platnumz who was 10 years young than her. The couple have two children together.

After their breakup, the Boss Lady didn’t look back as she continued to date younger boys of Diamonds age.

Currently, Zari is in love with a 29 year old Shakib. During an interview with a local television, she said the guy is lucky to have her.

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Zari said she is not the one who looks for these boys, instead, they are the ones that look for her and it is always a chance for them to be accepted in her life.

“He is the one who won big,” she said, adding that “a lot is happening” after being pressed to comment on how their future looks.
“I’m just living my life… with my husband, we have no problem. We’ve no time for Facebook rumours.”- she added.

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