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NBS TV journalist Zambaali & singer Recho Rey’s wedding photos leave fans speaking in tongues

NBS Television Luganda news anchor Zambali Bulasio Mukasa and singer Recho Rey’s wedding photos continue to confuse fans.

The wedding photos that were released via social media have been viral since Monday. Many claims that Zambaali married the singer in a private ceremony and others believe they are photos from a video shoot of her upcoming project.

In the photos, Zambali, the groom is seen donned in white and black and he is looking handsome with a bow tie. Recho, the bride had to match her groom, indeed, she looked waawooo in the white bridal gown.

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Zambaali with Recho.

Despite the fact that nothing can stop Zambaali and Recho from getting married and staging a mega wedding if they wish, the viral photos expose them that it’s a stunt as fans were able to notice that they didn’t have rings on their fingers.

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“Where is the ring? Where are the other guests? Why are there a few pictures?” A fan asked.

“When you see us with ears you think we are goats, it’s a video promo we know,” Rahma Dimes said.

Dina Adyeeri Kaylee said: “When I see Zambaali, that automatically becomes a joke beautiful though”

“I imagine Zambaali and Recho Rey getting married tsunami,” Julie Tesi said.

“Zambaali and Recho Rey can’t be put in the same sentence together” Bulungi si ddya said.

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Patricia Tricia Jojo also had something to say: “But Recho seems to be pregnant, anyways congratulations on another video shoot”

Janet Nakami asked Rey to release a jam that can be easily understood by fans. “Let me hope the song is singable. Not these nsula wa seka things.”

Recho, we are waiting for this big Jam!