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Home Business Why Ugandans love Pork; all you need to know

Why Ugandans love Pork; all you need to know

Per capita consumption of pig meat in Uganda is at 3.4 kg per year from the 2018 FAO research carried out by the Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations for all East African countries Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

This Makes Uganda the highest Pig meat consumption country in the region and one of the highest on the continent.

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Pork is one of the high protein content consumed source in Uganda, this proves the darling of the meat to the population.

The Pork business is also one of the commonest business and most profitable businesses in Uganda with rearing being the biggest business in the sector with 1.2 million different farmers involved in the rearing in Uganda with a census of approximately 4.31 million adult pigs in Uganda.

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Pork business is the second highest in the industry after rearing with over 207,000 Units of Businesses which averages over 1,500 Units of businesses dealing in Pork Business employing over 3 million Ugandan both directly and indirectly.

The numbers give you context on how vast the pork industry is one of the biggest sectors of the economy.

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With over 10 million consumers in the country, the relationship in country is far bigger than just keeping it for the kids between Ugandans and Pork.