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Top business ideas to start with 1M shillings in Uganda

A friend of mine graduated from university a few months ago and has been looking for jobs but nothing has materialized. 

He has been thinking about starting a business but is stuck on which business to start. Today I would like to share with you some of the business ideas that you can with a million shillings in Uganda.

 Here are some business ideas:-

1. Rolex making business

In Uganda, people enjoy eating Rolex. If you have a million shillings out there, this is a business that you can properly start and run away with.

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 All you need is to get a very good location and then buy a charcoal stove, baking flour and cooking oil. If you have the skill of making chapatis, you are in business.

2. Fried Ground nuts business

People enjoy snacks in Uganda, one idea is to fry groundnuts and start selling them in your neighborhood or on the streets. 

All you need to buy groundnuts from suppliers and then fry them using a charcoal stove or some cooking facility and sell them. 

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You will need saucepans, salt, water, and some good packaging. This could be paper bags or polythene bags.

3. Cleaning service business.

You can start a cleaning business by simply buying soap, mopers, and detergents and start advertising your business through word of mouth.

 Do a good job when you get your first customers and the business will grow by word of mouth. You can clean offices, people’s homes for people who are busy and many other places.

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4. Laundry and dry cleaning business.

This is one business that you can start with less than one million. Initially, you can start the business with little money by buying soap and detergents and start washing clothes and cleaning suits.

Market your business using social media.

These are a few i have thought of. If you have other ideas out there please share them in the comment section. Good luck.