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Gen Salim Saleh ostensibly dead, body hidden as state delays announcement of his death; here’s all you need to know

Since June 14, 2022, there have been allegations on social media claiming that President Museveni Yoweri Kaguta’s brother General Caleb Akandwanaho alias Salim Saleh passed on.

It was reported that Gen Saleh lost his battle to a deadly disease that “he was battling for a long time”. The allegations further claimed that Gen Saleh’s corpse is being hidden by the state in order to delay the announcement of his death.

However, BOOM.UG understands that the general who was shot 18 times in Luweero jungles is alive and enjoying his good life. (Read story Here)

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What do we know?

A video published on YouTube claiming that General Salim Saleh is dead has a piece of false information.

The video has a thumbnail image of Gen Saleh clad in military combat and army officials standing next to a casket. The video is captioned “Omulambo Gwa Salim Saleh Kitalonyo”, which loosely translates into; “The dead body of Salim Saleh, it’s a pity”.

The YouTube account ‘Ssekanyolya’ has several videos with similar thumbnail images and headlines pronouncing the death of the general.

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However, the videos have different commentators speaking on various topics and saying they hope the general dies. Additionally, they do not name any credible source or provide evidence of Gen Saleh’s death.

Sylvia Owori, the Director of Operations at Operation Wealth Creation, where Gen Saleh is the chief coordinator, told BOOM.UG on the phone that the general is alive and in good health.

“Gen Salim Saleh is a public figure and for someone of his stature, news about his death would have been widely published and a statement from the Office of the President would be issued already, which has not been the case,” Owori said.

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Owori added, “It is unfortunate that people would go around spreading such allegations. I would love to state that Gen. Salim Saleh is in good health and is doing his work in Kapeeka where he is based. The claims of his death are false.”

Salim Saleh is a retired Ugandan military officer and he is currently an adviser of the president on military matters.