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VIDEO: Simple K’s mother breaks down, spills secrets as she begs Presidential advisor Full Figure to forgive her son

Upcoming artist Simple K is in hot soup after his mother spilled all secrets behind his fighting for singer and Presidential advisor Jennifer Nakangubi, popular as Jennifer Full Figure’s son Museveni.

All this started after Full Figure gave birth in 2020 and named her son Museveni but she kept the identity of her son’s father a secret.

Months after, upcoming artist Simple K made headlines after he claimed that he bonked and impregnated Full Figure but she denied him access to his son.

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Full Figure first took everything easy not until Simple K insisted that he is the father of the child and went ahead to request a DNA for that child.

However, the upcoming singer who wanted to use motormouthed Full Figure as his ladder to limelight died in his own movie after the popular presidential advisor ordered his arrest.

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Early this week, Simple K appeared before court, However, he was denied bail something that forced his mother to break down and spill all the secrets behind her son’s claims.

According to Simple K’s mother, his son was looking for a way forward to promote his music but he is not the father of Full Figure’s son.

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She said Full Figure should forgive his son and set him free because his wife at home is almost giving birth.

Watch the video below: