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Susan Makula catches husband Pastor Bujingo in shocking action with his church member

The present and unofficial wife of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo Susan Makula has started getting moments of tensions and fear after finding out that her husband is on high demand, especially among rich Kampala women.

This came to the fore after Pastor Bugingo personally confessed that it took him by surprise when Susan found messages of a woman begging him to get her pregnant.

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Bugingo said this woman had promised him to keep the pregnancy as a secret and also look after the child herself because the only thing she wants is a child that looks like him and also has his wisdom.

Controversial Pastor Bugingo noted that some women come to his church with different intentions not to just pray, because this woman is also a member of the church.

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Bugingo warned the women in his church to stop coming to pray with bad intentions.

However, it should be remembered that Susan Makula also snatched Pastor Bugingo from his wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo few years ago, a controversy that is still raging and has a court case ongoing.

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