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Key points from Bobi Wine’s State of the Nation address that you should know

The National Unity Platform President of Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine earlier today addressed the nation about the current state of affairs in the country.  

In his speech in the video below, Bobi Wine claims Museveni has no idea how to grow domestic revenue without increasing tax rates.

Bobi Wine compared Uganda’s average revenue and expenditure as a percentage of GDP (2016 to 2020) with Rwanda, Kenya, Senegal & Zambia.

Here are some of the key takeaways from his address.

  • By removing that extravagant family from our State House, we shall save over UGX800 billion including the annual supplementary budgets from State House alone. That’s how much we can save by removing the dictator.
  • On 22/May, General Museveni addressed the nation about the rising cost of living. However, he didn’t offer any relief /solution to the citizens. He continues to spend public money as if he’s not aware the country is suffering a price shock.
  • Gov’t should split the average cost of every fuel litre in 3 categories & publicize them for the consumers to understand the changes:
  1. Unit cost of fuel delivery.
  2. Tax per unit.
  3. Margin of profit per unit.
  • Gov’t must do the following to the fuel market:
  1. Impose control on stocking levels and pricing decisions. No responsible gov’t continues to just cry & lament when the Petroleum Supplies Act allows gov’t to do something.
  2. Gov’t must abolish fuel marking. It’s a useless & delaying exercise. 3. Suspend taxes on crude vegetable oil and wheat. This will help reduce prices on essential items like Chapati. Ghetto people largely survive on Kikomando.
  • You’re going to ask me, how do you deal w/ the revenue lost by removing tax from vegetable oil & wheat. My answer is simple, cut the classified expenditure in order to accommodate the revenue loss created by tax exemption.
  • FY 2021/22, State House & Office of the president have already taken UGX971,504,000,000 billion, one of the biggest expenditure. After spending this money on himself, Museveni is advising people to tighten their seatbelt b’se of inflation.
  • The NRM gov’t has failed twice:
  1. Failed to raise enough revenue to support the fast growing population.
  2. Taxes collected are not matching the reported size of the economy. The few people taxed are taxed highly.
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