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“I swear you’ll never bonk me again,” Leila Kayondo blasts ex-boyfriend SK Mbuga (Screenshots)

Singer Leila Kayondo has opened up a war on her ex-boyfriend also STV Uganda boss Sk Mbuga.

SK Mbuga bitterly broke up with Leila Kayondo in 2018 as he went on to marry Vivian in a lavish ceremony.

Singer Leila Kayondo is not in good terms with his ex-boyfriend and City tycoon S.K Mbuga.

Not that every one should always be in good terms with their ex-bonkmates but it is rumored that even after their publicized break up back in 2015, the two former lover birds continued having secret affairs outside their current relationships.

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Mbuga would allegedly sneak out of his matrimonial home and have a round or two with his first celebrity cut.

Although this was based on the old connection that the two had, there was no concrete feeling of love in between.

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However just like one wise man once said “any form of relationship that is not clearly defined is likely to breed an uncontrollable anger and violence if things get out of hand”

This is exactly what happened when Leila Kayondo woke today morning and decided to spill all the dirty secrets of his ex-boyfriend S.K Mbuga on her whats App status.

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Perhaps aftet getting some misunderstanding in their secret affair, the beautiful singer decided to go bananas on her secret lover and poured out all his dirty linen in public.

Here are the screenshots.