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VIDEO: Lwasa, wife Angel turn heads as lovebirds leak each other’s shocking secrets

Last year after breaking up with BBS TV presenter, Masaka City tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel announced being an item with Angel Kwakunda.

Despite having good moments together and enjoying life to the fullest, the couple was hit by several ups and downs hence their break up.

The couple first broke up early this year after Angel was caught on camera having good times with another man. Lwasa revealed that Angel just left the house after the video went viral.

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The couple talked ill about each other. Lwasa claimed that Angel was so local and villager and was overwhelmed by her excitment. On the otherhand Angel also went bitter claiming Lwasa was not worth to feed on her ‘bean’.

However, a few weeks after break up and the ill talk about each other, the couple reunited and reavealed that they were meant to be together.

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However, their restored marriage didn’t even for a week as Lwasa claimed that Angel hadn’t gone back to his house with wrong intentions. He revealed that Angel wanted steal his money and properties.

Despite Angel claiming that uneducated Lwasa is hard to live with because of his character, Lwasa claims otherwise.

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According to Lwasa, Angel is living a villager lifestyle because when he married her, she never knew how to use a washing machine and even cook food, he had to get women to teach her.

Watch the video below: