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Mixed reactions trail Crysto Panda’s wedding, is he really married or it’s a stunt? – The whole truth!!

Crysto Panda’s ‘Wedding’: The singer posted photos on his social pages and captioned them “Finally I am taken, Love is a beautiful thing. Congrats to us” words which have sent netizens into mixed reactions.

The celebrated NTV Uganda presenter allegedly walk down the Aisle on Thursday, March 25, 2021, in a scientific wedding in one of the hotels in Kampala.

The photos and video seem to be a poster. However, fans and colleagues are confused. Everyone is left wondering whether he really tied the knot or one of these celebrity stunts.

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Well, Boom Gossip snoops dig deep to uncover the whole truth here.

Why is it seen as a stunt?

  • Yes, I agree the setup of the venue is for the wedding, however in the photos and the viral video; Panda’s hands have no married ring which he had to have on his finger atleast for the wedding photoshoot.
  • The ring he has is fake not made for a wedding ceremony and it is on the wrong finger.
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In wedding cultures, a wedding ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger, commonly called the “ring finger”.

  • The two alleged lovebirds recorded videos and took photos in an empty venue. Believe me, if this was really a wedding, all photos would have been more organised backgrounds.
  • Why fellow singers and other celebrities not congratulating him? Because if it was true, atleast fellow TV stars or musicians would have been the first in a position to congratulate him. So it’s a failed stunt, period!.
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Here is what fans say.