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Frank Gashumba throws internet into awe after revealing Bobi Wine’s NUP source of funding

The National Unity Platform (NUP) is a political and social liberation political party duly registered under the laws of Uganda.

NUP which is less than three years old is currently the leading opposition party in the land. Having popular artiste-turned-politician, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine as its president, NUP has gained popularity amongst the youth.

Despite NUP claiming that they use funds from its sponsors and funders to cater for the party, political and social analyst Frank Gashumba believes the party is fully funded by the state.

Frank Gashumba who is so close to some of the National Resistance Movement bosses, claims NUP is part of the state and is funded by the state because it pays for every project they do even paying for the trips they take abroad.

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“I don’t want any Ugandan to be fooled that NUP is opposition, that’s a lie. NUP and Bobi Wine are funded by the government. Right now Bobi Wine has no job but he is richer than people working, his children go to good schools and he eats whatever he wants,” Frank Gashumba said.

While speaking to a local TV station, Gashumba said that its NRM’s project that started in 2019 to squash the credible opposition led by Dr. Col Kiiza Besigye.

Gashumba said all this while replying to a question directed at Muhoozi’s recent birthday party celebrations. He wondered why even the street vendors can make parties but when it comes to Muhoozi’s party, the public becomes so invested in it.

When they asked him if the funds Muhoozi used to make the party was taxpayers’ money, Gashumba refuted this. He revealed that this function was sponsored by Muhoozi’s uncle Toyota and well-wishers. Besides, this wasn’t even a great party according to the parties he knows.

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Further, Gashumba asked why people think that President Museveni would fail to sponsor his own children to have parties. Yet he funds the likes of Nubian Li and the top leadership of NUP to have luxurious lifestyles.

They then questioned him why he believes NUP is an NRM project. He pointed out the enormous chunks of money and the luxuries they have been accumulating.

I wonder why people are so infuriated with Muhoozi having a party if even street ginseng sellers can make parties. Besides Muhoozi’s party at Lugogo wasn’t a party according to the word. Parties have drinks on each table for free unlike at Lugogo.

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And I want to put it on record that his function was sponsored by his uncle Michael Toyota and well-wishers. I want to clarify that Uganda has no opposition. It stopped in the era of Dr. Besigye. This one of NUP is a project funded by the NRM government. It was started in 2019 to squash the credible opposition.

Where do you think these lads get these huge monies of making lavish parties and building swanky homes,” Gashumba questioned.

He also talked about singer Ronald Mayinja’s recent crossover from NRM to the Opposition. Gashumba branded Mayinja a Judas Iscariot who sold Jesus and later realized that the money he had obtained had no value.

He advised Mayinja to now stick to his family because no one can ever trust him again.