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NUP president Bobi Wine disowns blogger Fred Lumbuye

National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has disowned controversial Turkey based blogger Fred Kato Lumbuye over indiscipline and double standards.

Bobi Wine, was answering questions from former Mityana South legislator Ssozi Kaddu Mukasa who currently works with Buganda owned BBS TV, on allegations that he is the one behind bloggers like Lumbuye who attack and abuse Buganda Kingdom officials.

Bobi Wine revealed that he doesn’t have any control over people who claim to associate with his party and use social media platforms to tarnish other people’s names for their own personal benefits.

“I used to talk to my premier (Charles Peter Mayiga) as Omuganda. I do respect him and other kingdom leadership and for sure I cannot support any person who attacks them. Apart from Lumbuye, there are other bloggers who are using our party to attack different people and we are not in control of them, and whatever they are doing, they are doing it on their own,” he said.

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He explained that some of these people are just disobedient, that’s why they even attack their party leadership and other opposition strongmen.

He added that unfortunately, when these alleged NUP supporters attack people, the public thinks that they are working under his instructions.

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However, Bobi Wine also told the former MP that on the other hand, sometimes those bloggers have a point like when they talk about a concealed self-destruction mission by Baganda elites to destroy Buganda kingdom by working for the regime.

He added that it is unfortunate that many Baganda elites cannot condemn the massive land evictions and land grabbing by top government officials in president Museveni’s government.

“These people know very well that after taking your land, you become landless and you do not have a home hence you don’t have a Kingdom. Our leaders should wake up like the people of Acholi and Lango did, they are very united when it comes to some matter affecting them and I love them, and I am telling you that if I was an Acholi I would have been a different person or even in State House,” Bobi Wine said.

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Bobi Wine also told viewers and the public that he has been trying to control some of these young people and telling them not to use illegal means in the fight for change but he has also been overpowered.

He said that because of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s long stay in power, many youths have lost hope.

Credit: Sengooba Alirabaki