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Home Exposed SMACK head teacher Deodati Aliganyira caught chewing fellow male teacher (See Photos)

SMACK head teacher Deodati Aliganyira caught chewing fellow male teacher (See Photos)

SMACK head teacher Deodati Aliganyira caught chewing fellow male teacher (See Photos)

On Wednesday, April 1, 2009, at St. Edwards Bukuumi in then Kibaale district, now Kakumiro district, the house of the deputy Headteacher Constance Nanyondo was burnt to ashes on the orders of Deodati Ariganyira.

One week earlier before the house was burnt, Deodati Ariganyira had been caught in an act of Sodomy with a junior staff member of the school. Pictures were taken and videos recorded. Because Brother Deodati Aliganyira was the Headmaster, the pictures were presented to the deputy headteacher Nanyondo Constance.

In great shock, Nanyondo immediately called for a school board meeting where all this evidence was presented. The board resolved to immediately suspend Doedati from the position of headmaster as the investigations commenced.

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Nanyondo was then tasked by the school board of governors to report the matter to the Arch Diocese in Kampala.

While she was away, Deodati organized and had her house burnt down in order to destroy all evidence and this was disguised as a riot by students.

Because Deodati was deployed by the state in that Catholic school, Kale Kaihura the then IGP ordered the police to reinstate him as headmaster by force even though he was suspended by the school board of governors.

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Feeling frustrated, Nanyondo decided to take the evidence to Bukedde in order to expose Deodati’s perverted sexuality. There, she handed the videos and pictures to the then Vision group CEO Robert Kabushenga for publishing on Bukedde TV, in Bukedde newspaper and in the New vision.

Using state machinery, Deodati was able to silence Bukedde and the story was never published. As a cover-up, New vision instead twisted the facts and circumstances under which Nanyondo’s house had been burnt. You can read the New vision of Wednesday 3rd April 2009.

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Today, Thirteen years later, Deodati Ariganyira is the headmaster of St. Mary’s College Kisubi SMACK. Even while the Catholic Church is aware of the filth around him they have backed off and let him continue being in charge of the best Catholic boys school in Uganda.

See Photos below:

Brother Deodati Aliganyira

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