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Here is the recommended way to make love to a woman, she will always want you

One of the areas of my life that i feel i do struggle with is my s3xual life. I absolutely enjoy the experience of sleeping with a woman but then telling myself that i would like to take things further after having familiarized myself with a woman has been a very difficult task for me to accomplish. 

From the various romance movies that i have watched or those porn movies out there.

 It seems like all these actors and actresses of porn movies do is just take off their clothes and the men insert their penises into the pussies of the women and before you know it, the women are already screaming on top of their voice. The penis is moving in and out of the pussy. 

They change a few positions instead of the man on top as the normal sex commonly called missionary style, the woman gets on top and start riding the man with her ass moving up and down the man’s torso.

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 She stretches her arms out and grabs the man by his collar bone with both hands. She moans and moans and finally screams claiming that she has reached orgasm after the man has poured his semen inside her. This is the typical of a porn movie scene love making.  

There is no foreplay, no kissing, no nibbling but direct s3x and s3x until you cum.  Do you think women will enjoy this kind of lovemaking? I personally don’t think so. 

There are several women out there who claim that they have never experienced an orgasm including even women who have been married for years and years and have had a number of children already.

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 So what does it take for a woman to actually experience the joy of orgasm. 

From my own research and consultations that i have made around, you realize that it is actually very difficult for a woman to reach orgasm just by what most men call s3x that is penetration by the penis into the vagina. 

For a woman to be able to achieve orgasm she has to experience alot of romance.

 The kisses, the nibbles, touches are all involved in the foreplay. Actually achieving orgasm should start with the mind and not the physical. 

You will need to prepare the mind of this woman for the sexual encounter so that she is ready and in the mood to take on all the love and touches that you are going to offer her. 

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When she is now mentally ready to receive your love. It is now time for you to start the romance. Time to appreciate her body and enjoy it before you can actually insert your penis into her vagina. 

You could start by kissing her on the neck and then move towards the boobs and fondle her boobs with your hands. 

You can also lick her nipples with your tongue and gently suck on the boobs. Finally, after she is warmed up enough you can do the needful.