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“Mummy!” Daxx Kartel finally balloons TV star Momo 19

In 2021, former BBS TV presenter Maureen Naluwooza aka Momo 19 was at war with her in-laws with them proposing that they should get him another woman for Daxx Kartel claiming she had failed to get pregnant for him.

It was later alleged that the TV presenter broke up with the singer after finding out that he had slept with and impregnated her friend. 

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Even after being together for many years, Momo was not showing any signs of pregnancy which is said to be the reason her in-laws were upset. 

Weeks ago, Momo attributed their break up to witchcraft which was brought to them on their wedding day by their haters. 

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After being informed about witchcraft by her friend and having prayers, she was finally able to reunite with her husband. 

In the latest social media post, Momo has shared a picture and captioned it “Mummy” confirming she is expecting. The post has left hubby Daxx smiling ear to ear.

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See the screenshot below. 

Congratulations Momo!