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MP Betty Nambooze’s son survives death, almost drowns in cold birthday shower surprise at school

Mukono District Member of Parliament Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke can count herself lucky after she almost lost her son to a Birthday surprise.

The legislator has narrated a story of how she almost lost a son Joshua to a cold water shower birthday surprise three days ago at his school.

Hon Nambooze is known for speaking her mind when it comes to politics and matters concerning her constituency, leaving behind her family matters. However, this time,  she has come out with a family issue, crying out for her son’s sake.

Through her social media platforms, Nambooze revealed the last three days have been a complete nightmare to her family as one of his sons freaked out at school when his friends surprised him with a cold shower on his birthday.

According to Nambooze, her son hit his chest and neck on the doorsteps while running away from his friends who after him in hot pursuit to give him his birthday surprise.

The Outspoken Nambooze said her son didn’t get immediate help from the school nurse until morning when his friends called the father that rushed him to the hospital. She revealed that his neck and chest are still swollen after the freaky accident.

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“The last three days have been a big test for us…. Personally, I was feeling terribly worried…. It’s only by God’s mercy that our Joshua Mwesigwa is still in one piece….I had chosen to keep quite but I have realised that it is selfishness of me if I dont tell this piece of news for what befell us can easily happen to others….this is a caution to all of us.

Joshua was at school and his friends wished to surprise him as a birthday boy…. it was night as he walked into the Domentry after Preps… He landed into an ambush by friends who threw cold water on him from buckets…. caught unaware he jumped to run into the Dormitory towards a room he shares with five others…. he missed the step and came down with a big force his chest hitting the floor first…. the next hours became terrible for the boys… they realized that their playful ambush had landed their friend into an accident that was ugly from the word go… The boys lifted their colleague to the college sickbay but the school Nurse refused to come over ( School Nurse,I will pass by to thank you) …..I’m told that all of these boys slept in the sickbay with their friend crying through the night…… Well by six am the boys were online with an urgent call to Mr.Bakireke and then to my eldest daughter Sylvia who rushed to the school only to find her brother semi- conscious!

The way the news was delivered worried everybody…. personally I was in deep sleep… And it was resolved one not to wake me up, two not to inform me yet… When I woke up everyone was dodging me but it didn’t occur to me that there was some terrible news… I was told that Dad had gone out to meet someone urgently… I thank the Doctors at Mengo Hospital and my brother Dr Kajja a consultant at Mulago…. the entire team of medics who by God’s grace saved my son… I’m in your debt great scientists, thank you mikwano.

 Eventually, I was informed and taken to see Joshua…. with a heavily swollen neck and difficult in speaking and breathing…. I almost collapsed, seeing my son in such a State…. here we are three days after Joshua has been discharged although he is on a strict- observation… AND this evening we cut his birthday cake belatedly…..we can’t stop thanking the Lord…. Although the boy still has a swollen chest and neck… plus being under observation has he fought a solid piece of blood seen floating lazy, we who saw him the other day see this as a miracle… Thank you Lord. 

Now as we continue to pray that Joshua heals fast and effectively, let us pick a lesson…. I have always been uncomfortable with the birthday surprise treat involving ambushing somebody with a splash of cold water on him/her…. Today I’m 100% sure that this is not a good game… kindly let us stop this excitement before it claims a life.

Happy birthday Joshua… we love you and pray that God gives us decades and decades of years to celebrate you,” She wrote.