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VIDEO: Fresh details about CBS FM presenter Sofia Tebi, ex-boyfriend Jamil emerge

Fresh details indicate that CBS FM presenter Sofia Tebi was married to Jamil for only three days from November 13, 2021, to November 16, 2021.

After failing to agree on certain things, she allegedly asked to move out but Jamil wasn’t happy with her decision.

Jamil allegedly asked Tebi to stay saying that her departure would cause shame to him since he had already introduced her to his village where he hopes to contest for a political position in 2026. 

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According to the source, Jamil threatened to physically hurt her by burning her with gas if she failed to change her mind and stay.

However, Tebi gave everything he said a deaf ear and locked him inside the house.

BOOM.UG understands that she later decided to stay but reported the matter to the police and Jamil was taken to defend himself.

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Sophie was then told to go and pick her things from Jamil’s house and leave.

Trouble allegedly came when Jamil returned from police and claimed that the things Tebi was taking belonged to him. 

Tebi however allegedly brought receipts showing that she bought the things herself leaving Jamil embarrassed. 

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Reports claim further that Jamil invited journalists to be around when Tebie was leaving the house and lied that he had caught her in bed with another man. 

Watch the video below;