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NBS TV journalists Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa and Isabella Tugume purportedly bonking behind curtains

Months ago, NBS TV news anchor Isabella Tugume was accused of being in a secret romantic relationship with Canary Mugume. This came about after they appeared so close to each other in different tiktok videos and pictures. 

Now, the bootylicious news anchor is once again rumoured to secretly bonking with her co-worker Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa. 

The pair have gotten much closer recently hence the rumours. 

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From doing tiktok videos together , they are allegedly inseparable now.

Sources from the Nagura based media house revealed to BOOM.UG, that the news anchors are always together.

Bulasio recently posted a picture online in which he was having good moments with Isabella. They were In a studio chair, with Isabella leaning towards him.

He went ahead and captioned the picture that “You are such an incredible problem -solver.” 

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This isn’t the first time Bulasio has expressed his feelings for Isabella.

It should be recalled that he one time asked her to describe her ideal man while live on air. She however turned his request down and said she can not reveal such information on air. 

Bulasio then extended his wishes  asking her to imagine if she had a man like himself, with a deep voice. 

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He went on to pledge that he would make her have a blast at night if she gave him a chance. 

Isabella is one of Uganda’s news anchors that have caused a stir online due to her well curved body, deep voice, confidence and beauty.