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New details emerge about Mrs Matovu cheating as marriage hits dead end

Tycoon Mbire’s Daughter Nadia Kabahiita Mbire aka Mrs. Matovu had painted a picture of a perfect wife who is in a perfect marriage with her husband Yasser Matovu. However, things are not well at all in her marriage.

She has been one of the most inspiring young women on social media where she always posted pictures of her family, herself, and friends.

Her wedding itself which took place in 2016 was the talk of the nation for years after she took it all the way to South Africa where artists Burna Boy and Trevor Campbell entertained guests. Her dress cost her UGX22M.

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But all this finally came to an end after she was caught red handed cheating on her husband Yassir Matovu with Kampala’s Casanova Raymond Kahuma. 

According to sources, Matovu had longed to separate from Nadia but since both their families were at first hell-bent on keeping them together, he needed evidence to prove that she wants to cheat.

He, therefore, hired private investigators who secretly followed her moves until days ago when they caught her at a hotel while getting cozy with Kahuma and recorded it all.

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A video was given to Matovu who then presented it to Nadia’s parents and started on plans of filing for a divorce. 

Many social media judges have been criticizing Nadia for cheating on her husband but a source has informed this website that Matovu isn’t a saint either. 

According to the source, Matovu has also been cheating on Nadia with a lady only identified as Brenda and she is currently expecting a baby with him. 

Matovu and Nadia’s marriage has not been a bed of roses. Nadia has allegedly been disrespectful to Matovu which somehow pushed him into cheating. 

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“She doesn’t behave like a wife. She is like the modern version of Marie Antoinette. She doesn’t cook for Yasser. She hired private chefs who cook food for the whole week. She keeps it in the fridge for Yasser, then goes to chill with girlfriends,” The source said.

Our source added that Brenda has never welcomed her inlaws into her house.

“Nadia disrespects Yasser’s relatives when they visit, she leaves the house whenever they come around,”.