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NUP’s Harriet Nakweede to swear in as Kayunga LC 5 chairperson

Despite the fact that National Resistance Movement – NRM’s Andrew Muwonge won the Kayunga LC 5 by-election that took place last week, the National Unity Platform- NUP is set to swear in Harriet Nakweede today as the duly elected chairperson. 

While appearing on Baba TV’s Gangamuka Xtra show, NUP’s deputy spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro stated that the seat was won by their candidate Nakwedde but NRM decided to steal her victory hence taking it upon themselves to swear her in. 

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“People of Kayunga decided and they want to swear in Nakweede as their chairperson so we are going swear her in, even our president will be at the swearing-in ceremony,” He said.

NRM’s Muwonge defeated Nakweede after garnering 31830 votes against her 31308 votes. 

The election process was as expected chaotic. It all started with the Kayunga district informing NUP leader Bobi Wine not to step his foot in the district.

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On the day of the campaigns, police, and Military deployed at his house in Magere where he was put under house arrest together with his family members. Some of his employees were allegedly beaten and arrested. 

On the day of voting, NUP reported that they caught an NRM supporter red-handed stuffing ballot papers. 

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On the evening of the polling day, Nakweede allegedly had over 32000 votes and Muwonge had about 26000, things took a different turn in the morning when Electoral Commission declared Muwonge as the winner. 

NUP vowed to take the matters to the court explaining that they have evidence in form of declaration of results forms and tape recordings.