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STV presenter Bobo Shan speaks out on being pregnant for Daddy Andre

Rumours have been making rounds that STV presenter Bobo Shan born Shania Binti Ibrahim is having an affair with singer and Music producer Daddy Andre and that the pair held an introduction ceremony.

Days later, pregnancy scan test results leaked online purporting to be hers with allegations that the pregnancy was Andre’s.

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However, It was alleged that the results were leaked by her boyfriend who got jealous and disappointed when Shan allegedly introduced Andre.

STV presenter Bobo Shan

The TV presenter cum Tiktoker has now come out and addressed the rumours saying that she has never been pregnant adding that Andre wants to ride on her for fame.

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“I am not pregnant and have never been pregnant. I don’t know what that guy wants but what I know is that he is looking for cheap popularity,” She said.

Shan also showed her disappointment in Ugandans who continue to make inaccurate allegations against her.

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“Why are you guys linking me up with almost every artist?” She wondered.