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VIDEO: Woman from Bugingo’s church surfaces, exposes evil pastor for mercilessly bonking her ‘sumbie’

A middle-aged woman only identified as Sarah has come out and claimed that House of Prayer Ministries Church leader Bugingo Aloysious promised to marry her only for her to get disappointed after he married Susan Makula instead. 

Disappointed Sarah claims that she started praying from Bugingo’s church in 2011 and their romance has lasted for 11 years. 

She explained that the pastor had been flirting and promising to marry her. Because of that, she informed her family about their relationship but they were shocked when he got introduced to another woman on Tuesday.

“My parents called me asking why he was going to be introduced by someone else. He used to flirt with me during prayers,

“Even just two weeks ago, when he was flirting with me. But I was never happy because he was busy flirting with me during lunch hour and then he calls Makula to the pulpit during other church services. It hurt me alot,” She painfully revealed.

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Sarah adds that before the pastor hooked up with Makula, her competition was Teddy Bugingo and she (Teddy) did all she could in her powers to chase her from their church.  

“I joined his church in 2011 but I suffered so much because of his flirting. It reached an extent of Teddy through security people, chasing me out of the church. There is a time they even took me to Wandegeya police station but fortunately, I explained to police officers my situation and they set me free. I knew Bugingo loved me but I couldn’t go on with him because I knew he was married,” She added.

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She alleges that when the pressure from Teddy increased, she stopped going to church. 

“In 2019 after their break up, I returned to church thinking that things settled but he resumed flirting with me, saying that he wanted to marry me,”  Sarah.

Shockingly, Sarah revealed that after all the 10 years she claims Bugingo was flirting with her, they had never had any physical contact. She adds that she was only reading his body language and later he started sending her messages.

“He even gave me his number. We have never sat together and talked but I have his number, we were sending each other messages. He was saying that he had been planning to have an appointment with me. 

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“We’ve spent ten years in a private relationship together. Even though we didn’t meet. I’m a born again, we believe I spiritual things,” She claims.

When asked why she has come out after Bugingo’s marriage with Makula, Sarah said that she is scared of getting hurt by Makula who has been sending verbal threats to her in cryptic messages.

“I heard her saying something because she knows that I’m there, she said that whatever I do, Bugingo won’t marry me. Susan knows that I’m there and that Bugingo loved me. He used to point at me during church service and say that ‘that’s the woman I want to marry, I’m in the media now for security purposes,” She said.

Watch the short video below;