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VIDEO: New born baby rescued from latrine

Residents of a yet to be identified village in Uganda were left in shock after an unknown mother threw her new born baby in a pit latrine to die.

Fortunately, the residents were able to rescue the baby on time. They used ropes to pull the baby out.

A video circulating on social media shows how men pulled the baby out, placed the baby on the ground, and started cleaning the body. 

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Social media users have condemned the act done by the mother saying that she should have tried other options.

“…..she shouldn’t have dumped that innocent soul in the toilet at least by the roadside someone else can easily help…,” Mamie wa Tatie, a social media user said. 

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Stellah Amutos commented on the video and said that “what’s wrong with women, why did she accept to carry that innocent soul for 9 months? God save the child from any kind of sickness.”

“My heart is bleeding. This is so touching Lord. U don’t know how it means. People are outside there wanting to have a baby and you do such. She really doesn’t know how sweet being a mother is,” another internet User said. 

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Watch the video below;