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Urban TV’s Lynette Xen opens up about bonking with Pastor Jengo

The internet has been awash with news about Urban Television Wishlist show host Lynette Xen being pregnant for the late Pastor Yiga Augustine’s son Pastor Jengo Andrew. 

However, Lynette has come out and trashed the allegations saying that she has never been bonked with pastor Jengo.

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Lynette added that she is not pregnant and has no plans of having a baby soon. 

“My focus is on building my budding career as a TV star. I am not yet ready for the labour ward,” She opened up. 

Lynette Xen explained further during a Television interview that she is in love with someone else but revealed that Jengo is only a close friend to her. 

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Pastor Jjengo also distanced himself from the rumours.

“That is not true at all, I am dating someone although she is not the type that likes the limelight,” Jengo revealed a few days ago.