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Ministry of Health speaks on alleged mismanaging COVID-19 funds

The Ministry of Health in Uganda has come out to refute social media articles and posts attacking some of its officials for allegedly mismanaging COVID-19 funds as false allegations and fake news.

In a June 30th press release, the Ministry of health says numerous social media blogs and online publications have made it a habit to attack and defame the officials during COVID-19 pandemic alleging the mismanagement of the pandemic which they now call fake news, romours and allegations without any factual basis.

According to Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the Ministry of health senior Public Relations Officer, such social media posts only intend to taint the image of individual officers at the Ministy and derail the covid19 response.

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Ainebyoona said that these articles and posts which they called fake news have been published by faceless authors on numerous online sites like opera news, ekyooto and other online platforms which he says are aiming at tarnishing the reputation of various senior officials at the helm of covid19 response in the Ministry.

The Ministry of health accuse  opera news for publishing a story titled “Atwine’s apartments near completion” which they said was filled with false and baseless allegations aiming at tainting the image of Health Ministry’s PS Dr. Diana Atwine.

The Ministry stressed that the same fabricated article alleged that Dr. Diana Atwine connived with the ministry of health spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyoona to launder funds meant to be paid as allowances to health workers involved in the covid19 fight.

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They (Ministy of Health) however stated that all the above are false and should be treated with the contempt they deserve. 

“Diana Atwine doesn’t own, neither is she constructing any apartments”, the ministerial statement clarified.

According to Ainebyoona, health workers’ allowances are paid by the Ministry of health as and when funds are made available by the ministy of finance.

The Ministry challenged the authors of this fake news to provide proof to any competent anti corruption unit for investigations.

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Ainebyoona noted that the ministy of health  management is focused to implement the Covid19 response plan to save lives of Ugandans as the country battles the second wave of the pandemic.

The Ministry’s senior Public Relations officer disclosed that they are working with the regulator of online content to ensure the culprits face the law.

The Ministry appeals to the general public to always verify the information they encounter on the various media platforms with their Public Relations Officer or through the toll free line 0800100066.