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NUP directed my son to announce Museveni dead

Former Senior Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi has explained that his son Tamale Mirundi Junior decided to quit National Unity Platform-NUP after some senior party members directed him to announce President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni dead. 

“The reason why Tamale Mirundi Junior quit NUP is that they directed him to announce Museveni is dead which annoyed him,” Mirundi said while on STV.

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During the NBS Uncut show where he was hosted, Tamale Junior asserted that he was tired of being in a group that believes in blackmail. He said that he had enough of the idiocy in the party.

“NUP has got a big problem to solve in that some of its big wigs still believe in blackmail. They think they will acquire power and take over the state by blackmailing others. I am officially no longer a member of NUP. A learned person like me how can I be in such a political party? I can’t be in such idiocy.” He said.

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