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Home Insurance I got married and this happened after I got pregnant

I got married and this happened after I got pregnant

A marriage based on love and respect doesn't just happen.

I got married and this happened after I got pregnant

It’s all starts from being strangers to friends, then to frequent calls, messages, and later feelings for each other come in. This is where many try to make decisions to understand whether it’s love or lusty and many fail and end up following what their hearts desire.

However, when you’re caught up in the excitement of young love, it can be hard to imagine that you and your spouse might not live happily ever after. In the early days of dating, many totally forget that marriages take work, commitment, and love. But they also need respect to be truly happy and successful.

A marriage based on love and respect doesn’t just happen. Both spouses have to do their part.

Although loving hearts get broken several times, we still keep trying to get the right man or woman to marry because it is always a dream for every person.

The same mystery of love is what Mary (not real name) is passing through. She speaks out heartbroken to find advise on what she can do next because her marriage treats her to pain every day.

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Painful Mary speaks to Boom.ug son the ‘LOVE TALK’.

“We use to be very happy and I felt it was wise for my family to know him and he was open about it.

We started Renting and shared the bills since we all had jobs.

At a point he ignored his responsibilities and i took charge but then i got too heavy and couldn’t work.

With the financial situation,he asked me to go to the Village because he felt my family would best take care of me and the baby. I didn’t refused because I knew he loved me and was giving me the right options, so I went, gave birth.

On my return after two months I came and got another woman staying in my house,I didn’t talk and he refuse to introduced the lady to me but I decided to keep quiet and he made us stay in that house together for 3 months then later she left pregnant.

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I decided to stay knowing may be he got that lady because he was lonely but my guessing was totally wrong because since then I have been through a lot of insults from different Ladies but when I ask he would always tell me i am the only woman in his life.

i have failed to understand him, he does not care for the family I bought almost everything in my house ,I only see his money on rent and after several months demanded from the landlords.

He has never bought me anything I meant nothing but when I follow his watsup I always see different Ladies appreciating him for buying them clothes, shoes, phones.

What made me disgusted now is that last Sunday he posted himself with with a lady when he was bear chested and wrote that “the best mulamu ever,” when I came across it I asked him that who is that lady you posted with her bear chested like ,he answered me that didnt you see what I wrote up, then I decided to lie him that my brother saw that post and was complaining that you would have at least dressup well before taking the photo, he just kept quiet and the following day he posted again saying ” this goes to those who think they can control me and what am suppose to post on my page,let me tell you I will not stop and if you feel uncomfortable with my posts please quit my page because am big enough to control myself” this statement made me lose all the little respect I was lelf with,so please what can I do please help me with advice because my head is not working now thanks.”

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